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FAQ's - Shopping with Me

Q: Do I have to pay for my order up front? 

      A: No - you only ever pay when I deliver your



Q: What payment methods do you accept?

      A: My preferred payment method is cash on delivery. I can also accept payment by bank transfer or Paypal. This payment must be made in advance of delivery or when I bring the items. Cheques will only be accepted with pre-approval from myself and you will only receive your order once the payment has cleared.


Q: When willI receive my order?

      A: I place an order every 3 weeks on a Wednesday. Your order form will have told you the order date. Orders will be delivered to customers from the Wednesday following the order date


Q: Do I have to pay for delivery?

      A: It depends on where you live or work. I currently deliver for free within approximately 5 miles of Oakham, Rutland. I can also deliver for free to Waltham-on-the-Wolds. If you live further away, contact me to see if I will be going there at all. If not, you can order for direct delivery through my online store here - watch out for discounted delivery days!


Q: I need an order urgently, but the next delivery date is too far away - can I get my order earlier?

      A: Yes - for a postage charge of £4.50 I can place an Express Order for you. For orders over £30, I will subsidise this and you only pay £1.


Q: I don't live in the UK - can you ship to me in my country?

      A: At this time, I do not offer any international postage.


Q: I'm not sure which shade/size/colour to get - what if I don't like it/it doesn't suit me/it doesn't fit?

      A: Unless it states otherwise in the brochure, all items are covered by Avon's 28 day money back guarantee. This applies even if you have used the item. Where you are not sure which shade or size to go for, I recommend ordering both options and I will return the one that you don't want, meaning that you only pay for the one that you keep.


Q: I'm not sure which item to pick - do you have any samples or testers?

      A: Yes! I have samples of most men's and women's fragrances, all of the Matte, Shine Burst Gloss Stick and Ultra Colour lipsticks, various Skincare products and a few other items. I also have a large quantity of demo products - please let me know what it is you would like to try and I will see if I have it in stock!


Do you have a question not listed above? Click here to contact me!


FAQ's - Joining my team

Q: Are there any restrictions on becoming an Avon rep?

     A: You must be over 18 and have a permanent address in the UK.


Q: Do I need any experience?

     A: Whilst it may help you to settle in to your new venture, experience is not at all necessary - hopefully though you will pick up skills doing Avon that will help you elsewhere in life!


Q: Do I need to be able to drive?

      A: No - please make sure that you let me know this when signing you up so that territory assigned is close to your home!


Q: Is there any training?

     A: Yes! I provide all of my team members with job notes to get you started. I also go through the basics that you will need to know. After that, I will book time with you, if you need/want it, to go over more in-depth or specific training requests. I run team meetings from time to time in which I incorporate group training to help us benefit by working with each other. There is also a personalised training and devleopment area on your Avon website called "My Learning Zone". This provides some excellent training materials for you that covers a range of topics.

      There is no time limit or restriction on training with me - I will continue to help you for as long as you feel you need it.


Q: I'm not sure if I have the time to do Avon - how much time does it take up?

     A: There is no set amount of time. It really is a case of "you get out of it what you put in". As an absolute minimum you would need a few hours spare every 3 weeks (not all at the same time). The more time that you can dedicate to your Avon, the more you can earn from it - but there are ways of making the processes really efficient. I manage to run my Avon business with a full-time job, a part-time job and 3 children - it absolutely is possible to get something out of it even if you only have a little time to put in.


Q: How much do I have to order to earn any money with Avon?

     A: There are 2 levels. As of July 2016, the Minimum Order Value is £87* - any order at this amount or higher will earn you 20% discount. The Higher Order Value is £160* - any order at or above this amount will mean you earn 25% discount across the order!


Q: Is Avon going to cost me lots to run it?

      A: It isn't free, but it certainly doesn't need to cost you much. All reps get a FREE website with Avon - the more people that you can encourage to order online, the less books you need to pay out for. Books are your biggest expense - but they are sold in packs of just 5 and the cost gets cheaper the more that you order. 50 brochures will cost you £8.50* for example. Other items that you need are either very cheap or free (e.g. order forms are free, Avon bags are available for a small amount).


Q: Do I have to pay a joining fee?

     A: You do - but you don't pay it up-front and it is one of the cheapest start-up fees you will find for owning your own business and being provided with the tools to get you started. It is currently just £16* to join - this will only be charged IF you place an order. Then you will be billed £10 from your first order (deducted from your earnings) and then £6 from your second order (again, deducted from your earnings).


Q: I'm a bit nervous about going door-to-door - do I have to do that?

      A: Absolutely not! I would never encourage someone to take on "territory" if they really don't want to. When I first started, all of my orders were through my family and friends. Plenty of people become "network" reps and can be really successful. You do need to be realistic though - do you know enough people to give books to that you think will be interested in ordering? If you want to take on territory and live locally to me, I am happy to come out with you on your first time if you want any help. Regardless, at our initial appointment I will talk through territory with you, see how much you want and where is available then discuss techniques and ideas. Even going door-to-door, you don't need to knock if you don't want to.


Q: I'm interested, but I don't think I can earn enough money as a rep. Can I earn a living wage with Avon?

      A: It is very hard to earn a salary as a rep. For most people, being a rep is to save for something in particular or to just bring a little bit of extra money home. If you want to get more out of Avon, I can help you on your Sales Leader journey. This is absolutely a great way to earn with Avon - there is currently an opportunity to earn up to £16,000* in your first year as a Sales Leader! I would recommend that you run a few campaigns as a rep before starting on the Sales Leadership program. Avon will allow you to sign up immediately - and I would fully support anyone who wishes to do that. It is more from personal experience that I feel a couple of campaigns getting to know the processes will really help you to progress as it will be very hard to train others if you still don't understand the procedures yourself.


Q: Do I have to pay Avon up-front for the orders when I place them?

      A: No. You will receive a credit limit when you start with Avon. This means that you will place an order, it will be delivered to you, and you have 10 days from the invoice date (or by your next rregular order) to make the payment.


Q: How often is there a new brochure?

      A: There are 18 campaigns per year - you usually get a new book every 3 weeks. Around Christmas time there are some 2 week-long campaigns.


Q: What's the catch?

      A: I guess the catch is that this isn't a "get rich quick" scheme! Signing up to Avon won't make you a millionaire overnight. It also requires work - the benefits won't just come to you. You absolutely can make money with Avon, but you will have to work for it. If you have a passion for it, you will find it easier of course - but even then there will always be days where you wonder if it is worth it! The wonderful thing about Avon is the recognition. There is a "President's Club" for the very best Reps. Area Managers and Sales Leaders will put up league tables to show how well you are doing. You get an anniversary gift from the business. The company looks after its reps - and that to me is worth a lot more than a company that promises the world but rarely delivers.


If you have any questions that I haven't covered, please click here to contact me.


*All amounts quoted above are correct as of the 12th July 2016. These are subject to change at any time that Avon choose.

Where are we?


I run my business from the Oakham, Rutland area - but have representatives in my team across the country.


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